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Den 8 oktober 2021 kommer vi att delta i världens största digitala evenemang inom väte. Ska du också delta i HYDROGEN ONLINE CONFERENCE? Vi skulle vara glada att få träffa dig där, åtminstone virtuellt, och inleda ett samtal.

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JUMO's hydrogen cosmos

Many sophisticated systems are being developed for a clean energy world based around hydrogen as a medium. This starts with electrolyzers, continues with storage and transport systems, and goes all the way to fuel cells and synthesis plants. All these systems have one thing in common: for them to operate safely and steadily, modern solutions are required for measuring, controlling, and monitoring pressure, temperature, humidity, conductivity, level, and flow. JUMO has over 75 years of extensive experience in this field, which we use to help your applications achieve maximum success.

Hydrogen generation through electrolysis

Hydrogen generation through electrolysis

Water treatment for electrolysis

Sensor technology, automation, and evaluation from a single source

The electrolyzer plays a key role in the production of green hydrogen. We will be happy to help you with monitoring pressure and temperature in your electrolyzer or with conductivity measurement in ultra-pure water treatment. Our automation systems ensure a smooth process sequence, boost efficiency, and save valuable resources.

The solutions

Process optimization in fuel cells

Also possible via remote monitoring and control

Fuel cells are now being used in both stationary and mobile applications in an extremely wide range of fields. You can get the sensor technology you need from JUMO. All devices offer the utmost safety, have the required approvals, and work with a high degree of precision and reliability. Digital interfaces enable the use of state-of-the-art automation concepts, while monitoring can be performed practically anywhere using common web browsers. Your systems therefore run effectively in the optimum range and can be evaluated in a flexible manner.

The solutions
Optimally functioning fuel cell systems

Optimally functioning fuel cell systems

Absolute safety for hydrogen refueling stations

Absolute safety for hydrogen refueling stations

Technologies for the refueling stations of the future

Safe – reliable – economical

Hydrogen refueling stations are at the heart of hydrogen mobility and make a significant contribution to the spread of environmentally friendly drive technologies. A smooth process sequence during refueling is ensured by precise monitoring of temperature and pressure. At the same time, strict safety precautions and approvals for explosion protection are essential. Our innovative sensors fulfill both aspects and as a result become indispensable components of hydrogen refueling stations.

The solutions

Functional safety in infrastructures with hydrogen

No problem with JUMO Safety Performance

Due to the high flammability of H2, functional safety in hydrogen applications should not be taken lightly. This is where JUMO Safety Performance comes into play; a brand that stands for the highest level of plant safety. It includes devices with SIL and PL certification as well as passive elements for use in SIL and PL measuring chains. We would be happy to put together the right components for your plant.

The solutions
Functional safety when handling hydrogen

Functional safety when handling hydrogen

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