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Analysis measuring technique

Analysis has a long history at JUMO

It begins with the founding of the company and the manufacture of technical thermometers made of glass. Expertise and experience in glass processing has since been applied to the production of glass sensors and components.

Today, this expertise can still be applied to the measurement of electrochemical quantities such as pH, redox and conductivity. Three quantities that will be explained in more detail on this page.

But first, we dwell on the need to reuse water, the natural resource that is becoming increasingly precious.

Cleaning industrial waste water

The everyday use of water has unfortunately led to the pollution of natural water sources. In order to prevent further water pollution, legal regulations and instructions for the purification and detoxification of industrial waste water, among other things, have been drawn up.

JUMO strives for efficient water use and reuse worldwide and has innovative technology to support this process. The product range includes a wide selection of components and systems for analytical instrumentation, among others for water and wastewater technology, aquaculture and the greenhouse industry.

image alt text

JUMO has complete analysis measuring systems

The measurement of pH value

for analysis of the quality of the finished product

To ensure the quality of end products, reliable pH measurement is one of the requirements. JUMO has comprehensive instrumentation for pH measurement and is one of the largest manufacturers of electrochemical sensors in Europe.

The high quality of JUMO instrumentation is due to innovative and advanced production capabilities. Partially or fully automated workflows guarantee the highest quality for the most demanding analysis applications. A large number of customers source (pH) electrodes from JUMO with their own company logo. The ability to produce such OEM versions and so-called "specials" is one of JUMO's strengths.

More about pH measurement
image alt text

System example with digital technology for analysis

The measurement of Redox

for analysis of the basic water quality

The redox value is the decisive measurement unit for monitoring the basic water quality. This is why in small swimming pools, such as private swimming pools, disinfection is often controlled solely by this value.
JUMO has various analog and digital sensors, transmitters, readout units, fittings and calibration options for the most diverse analysis applications.

image alt text

JUMO equipment for conductivity analysis

The measurement of conductivity

for ultrapure water analysis

In addition to pH, electrolytic conductivity is one of the most frequently measured parameters in liquid analysis.

Conductivity measurement plays an important role in many applications. For example, in the desalination of seawater, the quality of cooling water and in the monitoring of ultrapure water. Within the pharmaceutical industry, the production of ultrapure water is one of the most important processes. Without ultrapure water most of the active ingredients could not be produced.

Ultrapure water is crucial for consistently high product quality. Accurate conductivity measurement is therefore indispensable in many different production processes.

JUMO BlackLine in the spotlight

Sensor for conductivity analysis

The JUMO Blackline CR 4P conductivity sensor has a large measuring range. The integrated PT100 or PT1000 sensor simultaneously records the temperature. The sensor has 4 electrodes made of robust special graphite and is used, for example, in saltwater and seawater applications. Due to the large measuring range from μS/cm to 300 mS/cm, the sensor is predestined for applications in general water technology.

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